Roy Kahmann

Roy Kahmann (1959) was born in Amsterdam. At the age of 18 he started working in the design world. While working as an apprentice designer at Total Design, he had the opportunity to work on Ed van der Elsken's publication 'Amsterdam', which fueled his love and passion for photography.

In 2001 Kahmann founded the first (European) online photo gallery: Three years later that initiative grew into a physical gallery.

Design and photography also found eachother in GUP Magazine. In 2005 a new photography platform with international ambitions unfolded.

At the beginning of 2009, the Kahmann Gallery moved to Lindengracht 35 in Amsterdam. In addition to a large collection of vintage prints, Kahmann Gallery represents the work of nearly 30 national and international renowned photographers.

Photo: Bastiaan Woudt

His latest initiative is Haute Photographie. Haute Photographie is a photography fair with the allure of a museum. Haute Photographie is held every year in February during the Rotterdam Art Week.

Kahmann is not only an entrepreneur and graphic designer, but also an art collector. Together with his wife Lindy they own almost 10,000 original photographic works.

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