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Flora up close

Dimensions: 100 x 66,23 cm
Camera: Leica x2
Category: Nature
Sales price (incl. VAT): € 1200

The tiny Kingdom of Bhutan is sandwiched between China and India. Making it part of the so called ‘Eastern Himalayan Biodiversity Hotspot’, meaning that the flora and fauna found in Bhutan is unparalleled due to its wide altitudinal and climatic range (from alpine to subtropical). Bhutan is a carbon negative country, producing around 1.5 million tonnes of carbon every year but because of the immense greenery, more than 6 million tonnes of carbons is absorbed. They are achieving this through the four pillars of their Gross National Happiness index. That being; sustainable development, environmental protection, cultural preservation and good governance. The environmental protection pillar states that at a minimum, 60% of Bhutan's total land should be under forest cover at all times! Even logging was banned in 1999, and most of their electricity comes from hydropower.
After having studied photography, Isabelle spent much of her time traveling off the grid destinations all around the world, centered around her interest in nature and all creatures big and small.

Country: netherlands



  • Stemronde 1 from 01-06-2020 17:00 till 20-05-2020 17:00
Title of the series: A scenic journey
Number: 1
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