How does it work?

Snapshot of the year 2020 is a global election, open to all photographers. Until October 31st 2020 everyone can register for this competition.

You can do this by uploading your best snapshot(s) on this website.

Subject matter and camera

Officially a snapshot is ‘an informal photograph taken quickly, typically with a small handheld camera’. So all images that fall under this description are allowed in this competition. You can enter a snapshot in four different categories:

  • human
  • nature
  • urban
  • art

You can also participate with a series of pictures.

There are no restrictions to the medium the picture is taken with. Any camera will do: analogue, phone, SLR,... Every artist is asked to mention the camera the snapshot was taken with, with every upload.



To participate in Snapshot of the Year 2020 and to send in your best snapshot(s), you first need to register before October 31st. There are hardly any restrictions for participating in the competition. 

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Professional jury

Between November 1st and 31st 2020 a professional jury will evaluate all entries by giving a grade (digital and anonymous). This will result in 15 nominated snapshots per category (of 15 different participants). If a participant ends up in one of the top 15’s with multiple snapshots, the highest ranked work will be chosen.
Between December 1st and 15th 2020 the professional jury will assemble and decide what the top three per category is and what the overall winner (of all categories) is.

Here are some judging criteria the professional jury will use: appropriateness to the category, uniqueness of concept, originality, clarity of expression, humor or entertainment quality, creativity, innovative means of delivering message, visual design, overall artistic impression, composition, clarity and quality of the submission, color, lighting, exposure and focus, audience appeal.

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Public round

Between November 1st and November 30th the public can vote for their favorite entry(s) via the website. By voting, the public determines the winner of the Audience Award which will be announces on December 1st or short thereafter.

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Participants can enter their work for a special and separate sales exhibition within the Annual Dutch Art Fair edition of 2021 ( The ADAF, one of the most professional art fairs in the Netherlands for individual artists, is ready for its 11th edition in 2021. Participants don’t pay any commission upon sales of an art work.


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Shortly after December 15th 2020 the winners of Snapshot of the Year 2020  will be announced by means of a press release, via the website but also in person.

For more information about the procedure, please see the Conditions of Participation.
More information about costs and prizes? Then click here.


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Social media

Snapshot of the Year also has a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

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Exhibition Annual Dutch Art Fair 2021

Participants of Snapshot of the Year 2020 can enter their work for a special and separate sales exhibition within the Annual Dutch Art Fair edition of 2021 (

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