Coen van den Oever

Coen van den Oever (Willemstad, Curaçao, 1958) is the founder of:
Project2.0/Gallery: International gallery founded in 2008 with about 50% photography and 50% other techniques.

The gallery participates in art fairs both in the Netherlands and abroad such as Paris Photo, Photo London, MIA Photofair Milan, Art Amsterdam, Art The Haque and Art Cologne, Haute Photography. Furthermore, they regularly organize exhibitions with (inter)national artists ( Project2.0 is located at Noordeinde 57 in The Hague.

De Kunstuitleen Den Haag: a good art library where both the beginner and the more advanced art lover can go, (founded in 1995).

De Galerie Den Haag: a good gallery that operates more regionally (the Netherlands), in 1995).

De Lijstenmakerij Den Haag is a very sophisticated framer where quality is paramount and that often works with the artist of the gallery, ( founded in 1990). 

Objective: ‘I want to make as much art as possible, of all levels, accessible to everyone, so as a client you can grow in my company from renting something nice to start with to buying a top photographer in Project2.0/Gallery.’

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Snapshot of the Year also has a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

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Exhibition Annual Dutch Art Fair 2021

Participants of Snapshot of the Year 2020 can enter their work for a special and separate sales exhibition within the Annual Dutch Art Fair edition of 2021 (

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